Clearview is a premiere  company  in  Dallas/Fort Worth,  assisting  with  all  of  your investigation and  security  needs.

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Security (Unarmed & Armed)

Our security officers are well-groomed, highly trained, licensed, and insured. Whether you are seeking unarmed/armed officers, and/or patrol units,  they will ensure your  job  is  fulfilled  to  its  fullest potential. All officers are trained to handle a variety of situations in ways to keep your business or event safe. Trained by law enforcement and private security personnel in use of force continuums and de-escalation tactics, you will have the best officers working on your behalf. 


Private Investigations

With over 27 years of law enforcement and private investigation skills at your disposal,  our investigators are former police detectives and private investigators with vast experience in property crimes, missing persons, crimes against persons,  infidelity,  and  workman's'  compensation claims.  Possessing the skill, knowledge, and experience these "bloodhounds" will find whatever needs to be found, wherever it may be hiding!


Personal Protection

Do you need to ensure your personal safety or the safety of someone or something you care about? Our personal protective officers (PPO) are trained to blend in any situation or stand out if needed. PPO's are trained in heightened observance, assessing security strength, reading people around you, and engaging in surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques. Whether you want to hire a PPO for an event, a time when traveling, or day-to-day errands..... Clearview will keep you safe! 

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Clearview Investigations and Security, LLC

2000 East Lamar Boulevard, Suite 600, Arlington, Texas 76006, United States

Email: Telephone: (817) 482-5040 Fax: (817) 720-9708 PBS License Number: C10508401

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