private security services

Clearview Investigations, LLC can provide the necessary presence to accommodate your needs. Whether it's a visible uniformed armed or unarmed security officer or security services, you can place your trust in our company. 


Clearview can provide on-site patrol services to continuously monitor your premises, whether by vehicle and/or foot patrol. Statistics show the presence of our officers drastically deters the onset of criminal activity. Whether you are looking for permanent or scheduled patrol, our officers protect you, your property, and your people. With supervisors continually monitoring officers 24/7, you can rest knowing we got you covered. Our company also provides and manages armed and unarmed security officer in support of operations of facilities on a temporary or long-term basis. So whether you seek to protect property, customers, or both. We can customize the perfect security solution for you. 

* Schools (public and private)

* Hotels/Motels

* Hospitals/ Medical Centers/ Medical Facilities

* Shopping Centers/ Mini-Malls

* Construction Sites

* Apartment Complexes/ Home Owners Association (HOA) areas

* Corporate Environments or Events

* Car Parking Lots

* Warehouses

* Events (Birthdays, Family Reunions, Block Parties)

* Loss Prevention


Need a protection officer? Clearview Investigations, LLC specializes in personal protection. With specialized training to spot danger before it develops, protect you from unwanted  people,  threats,  manage crowds, evacuation techniques, our non-unformed PPO's can provide you with the peace of mind to allow you to complete your job without complication.

* CEO's

* Celebrities

* Politicians

* Jewelers

* Bankers